America’s native soul, Hardmade the Texas Method

America’s native soul, Hardmade the Texas Method

Cards of vanilla, cherry and you may spice enter our very own single-barrel bourbon. Generated grain in order to barrel so you can package, expenses honor towards past,“…the brand new honeycomb and molasses play its part, just like the does the latest rye in the course of the brand new smooth cereals…” – the new Whisky Bible

Distilled out-of a bourbon bad mash, distilled inside the an excellent copper cooking pot nevertheless, aged for the Western White Pine deep char barrels and you will finished with toasted Aspen Staves. Bay area Community Morale Battle Twice Silver winner. American Whiskey Learn.

291 Tx Bourbon Whiskey is not their antique Southern area bourbon. Aspen stave accomplished and bottled at barrel research for a one away from a kind, Tx style. Full-bodied, straight from the fresh new barrel.

Our leading, Tx Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Proof, single barrel Bourbon whiskey distilled out of an excellent Bourbon grind when you look at the a copper pot nevertheless, old into the American white pine strong char drums and finished with toasted Aspen staves. Bay area Globe Morale Double Silver, H2o Gold- Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible.


This uncut variation for the our Tx Bourbon is a-one 12 months, barrel-aged whiskey distilled into the an effective copper pot still. Completed with toasted, Tx aspen chat zozo randki staves and you will bottled on barrel facts, a high facts bourbon whiskey that have deeper depth and you may reputation.

All of our flagship, Tx Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Evidence, single-barrel Bourbon whiskey distilled away from an effective Bourbon grind in a beneficial copper pot still, old in the American light pine strong char barrels and you can finished with toasted Aspen staves. Liquid Gold- Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible. Barrel Research. 127 research / 63% ABV

All of our Western was an effective pre-ban style whiskey distilled from inside the an excellent copper cooking pot nevertheless. Short-old within the toasted Western white oak barrels less than annually. Quick ageing will bring fruit forward, as copper nonetheless will bring a brand new reduce fabric become .

Small Batch

O ur American is a good pre-prohibition concept whiskey distilled inside the an effective copper cooking pot still. Short-old when you look at the toasted Western white pine drums for less than a-year. Short aging will bring fruits give, due to the fact copper nonetheless brings a brand new cut fabric end up .

The New is actually a small batch, un-aged whiskey distilled inside the a great copper pot still. Build since an american clear heart to have mixology, it offers a definite preferences having raising the traditional beverage. Designed to restore vodka, rum, otherwise tequila.


All of our Fresh was a small batch, un-aged whiskey distilled in an effective copper cooking pot nonetheless. Create just like the a western clear soul having mixology, it has got a distinct preferences having enhancing the old-fashioned beverage. Created to restore vodka, rum, or tequila.

Our very own White Puppy is actually a small batch whiskey distilled for the a good copper container nonetheless and you can aged for the a western white oak barrel for under 14 days- enabling this new essence of one’s cereals that can be had while the distiller’s passion acknowledged.

White Puppy

The Light Dog is a tiny batch whiskey distilled during the a good copper cooking pot nevertheless and you can aged inside an american white pine barrel for under 14 days- allowing the latest essence of your own grains to be enjoyed and the distiller’s interest approved.

Originally generated given that an experimental batch, Theif is a great wheated four-grains bourbon. It’s the very leading bourbon whiskey. The most committed, steeped, and you will advanced whiskey, hefty into the sweet front side, it bourbon try incredible, considering the high-proof.

Originally generated because a fresh group, Bad guy was a beneficial wheated four-cereals bourbon. It’s the extremely top rated bourbon whiskey. The most challenging, rich, and cutting-edge whiskey, hefty towards nice top, this bourbon is incredible, considering the high-proof.

Our High Rye Tx Bourbon was produced by error when a dual amount from rye are eventually added to all of our bourbon dish. Immediately after aging, the outcome are a succulent, advanced bourbon one affects an equilibrium between our very own Texas Bourbon Whiskey and all of our Colorado Whiskey, which have a spice and you can fruitiness so you’re able to complete the brand new vanilla and pine.

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